Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Domestic Goddess... Or Something Like That.

Lately, I have been thinking a lot about the main idea of my blog and what I love most and sharing it with my readers! The blog has grown so much and I love to share so many great things with you! 

I have worked a full time job all of my adult life until recently. I am content with this decision but I have been searching for something new! I have recently stumbled on a great new adventure to work from home and I am loving it! I will leave out the details for now, but it gives me more flexibility to do the things that I love! I can do fun things like spending time with my hubby, organizing, searching Pinterest for new projects, and cooking. Some women dream of a certain career and work at it for many years. My dream has mostly been the opposite! I have dreamed of being a wife and a mother (someday), and I guess you would say a “domestic goddess.” I am not sure housewife is the right term! :-) I am living my dream and I love it! I love so many things about being home; I can finally take the time to try new recipes I have always wanted to try. I can finish my scrapbooking projects that I have been working on for years, and finish the newer photobooks I have been working on! So many things I love! 

Back on track, what do I love to blog about? I love to share new recipes with my readers so they can try something new and usually simple for their families! I also have a great love for photography. Just as I am with cooking, I am a newbie in many aspects of life! :-) 
I am a couponer, not like the extreme couponers you see on TV, but just to save a few dollars here and there. I usually can only buy something if it is on sale – I will admit that! Most of all, I love to share these deals and freebies and some frugal living tips I find with my readers! 

I am an organizer. I always have been and always will be! I love to share my great simple organizing projects (on a budget) with my readers as well as any great DIY projects I have completed (or am still working on)! I love to share pictures of our home decor and anything else home related! After building our home 85% DIY, I love to share it! And I can't forget our "furbaby" Ginger! I love to share any great new photos I have of her and her exciting life. Well, maybe her life isn't very exciting - eat, sleep, go for a walk, eat, sleep, go for a walk etc... 

As I sit and look at the long list of things I love to share with my readers I realize I can't choose just one thing. I love to share everything. If you would love to read more about anything specific please leave a comment and let me know! 

Things you will see on this blog:
 ·         DIY
·         Home Decor
·         Recipes
·         Coupons
·         Freebies
·         Pets (like my dog Ginger!)
·         Organizing
·         Photography 
 …and more!

 Most of all, expect to see posts from me about everything I love, and I hope to hear from you about what you love, too!

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