Tuesday, March 11, 2014

Tuesday Toy Talk...

Charlie's favorite toy has to be the Kong. Of course, the reason he loves the Kong, because it is always stuffed with something yummy. 

 If you ever need a fantastic toy to occupy your pup while he/she is in the crate or company is over and you need something to have them really focus on... try the Kong. The best part about it is you can fill it with anything your dog loves, such as yogurt with a hint of peanut butter, and pop it in the freezer. After the freezer, the filling is a lot more work for the pup to get out! 

Monday, March 10, 2014

Monday Snooze...

Monday's are a great day for a little nap right? 
This little guy loves to take a little nap in the sunshine. 

Sunday, March 9, 2014

Something to Chew...

Charlie has been growing like a weed. I am pretty sure he has almost doubled in size since we got him February 2nd. He is a ball of energy and we are so excited that the sun is out here in Pa and we can finally play outside! 

 Keeping him busy inside has been fun too after our latest visit to Petsmart. We picked up an interactive type puzzle toy for him. Have you ever heard of these for your dogs? We LOVE them. This particular toy has four cup type pieces that he lifts out and he tries to find the treat underneath. After that he can turn the one piece and find the rest. He loves it and it's great because it takes him more than one second to eat the treat! :-) 

 I will leave you with some more pictures of our cutie. 

Do you have any great puzzle toys for your dog? Or any fantastic toys for a big dog with lots of energy? Feel free to share! 

Gorgeous Sunshine!

Sunshine! We are soaking up every bit of it and I hope you are too!