Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Organizing.... just a start!

I recently found my new favorite blog IHeart Organizing & after looking at different ideas ect... I decided today is the day to tackle organizing my office/scrapbooking/craft/photography and (someday when I learn how to use my sewing machine) sewing room. Well, at least it was a perfect day to start :-) 

 When we built our home in 2009, I was thrilled to have a large office just for all my scrapbooking supplies. I had only had a tiny office before that so I had to make do with what I had. I had gotten a bunch of the plastic drawer organizers as a gift & put them to good use. But once we moved into our new home, I knew I wanted something different but wasn't quite sure what yet. So... long story short, I still have all my stuff in those plastic drawers. 

 Well, until I am exactly sure the layout I want, I decided to try an idea I found from another blogger, Simply Living had a great idea, to give these plastic drawers a face lift. 

 Let me tell you that I am always trying to get rid of clutter and keep things neat & simple. But with scrapbooking, I haven't learned that trick. The whole idea is to keep every memory, paper scrap, movie ticket ect... and add it to your albums. So I know I have too much paper/memories collected but if I am going to have too much stuff in any room of my house, this will be it! Now... the trick is to keep it all organized

After some organizing & rearranging.... 

~A closer view of the updated storage~

Not quite finished, all the bins still need labels but after a little face lift, the boring plastic drawers become a little more updated bins. They aren't perfect but until I am ready to buy all new bins & find exactly what I want, they will work great! 

Oh & did I mention.... I take ALOT of pictures so that is another big hurdle, organizing the photos & keeping them organized. As well as all the scrapbooks/albums. 


  1. Love this idea - yours looks great! Found your blog on the Purex Insiders page - following you via GFC! Hope you will stop by & follow me too! : )


  2. It is incredible how just adding decorative paper to all the bins really gave the whole organized space a unified look! Great great job!