Sunday, March 4, 2012

More weekend DIY

Lately I am in love with chalkboard labels! Especially after finding Pinterest & all the ideas! I finally ordered a sheet of chalkboard contact paper & decided what project to tackle first! 

 My baking supplies cupboard! 

Have you used chalkboard labels for anything lately? 

DIY Recipe Binder

Do you ever find yourself digging for a recipe that you know you have but you just can't seem to find it? Well, this happened to me last week for a second time in the past few weeks mainly because I have been procrastinating about organizing my recipes. Well guess what? That was yesterday's project! 

Going from this....  to... 

 I have been searching Pinterest & other blogs for some "pretty" printables for my binder. I found two that I loved & also loved the idea's for the binders contents. 

 This one is great and very neatly put together (much neater than mine) so I love it. 

 I also found this one at Prudent Baby and it caught my attention with the yellow! They offer free printable templates also! 

After some organizing & sliding my recipes into the sleeves I ended up with this...

To this!

 Do you have a recipe binder? How do you organize your recipes? I would love to hear your comments & ideas! 

Enjoying the weekend :-)

It's the weekend & I am loving it! Weekends seem to go by too fast for us. I have been trying to take advantage of the winter months to get my house/office organized and sort most of my photos! Such a large project to tackle but I am getting there! 

 Today is usually the day I try to plan out our menu for this week! (Usually) In previous posts I have mentioned how great having a meal plan is for us. Although it's not for everyone! I also rely on my stockpile and my freezer for meals and less trips to the store especially on the weekend. 

Of course, we can't know exactly what will be going on a week in advance so we make things tentative so we can change them around if we need to! I am working on a great meal planner something like this. Easy to switch the meals around depending on the days events. I also LOVE this

So this is a quick tentative meal plan for this week... 

Sunday ~ Vegetable soup for lunch & family dinner at my parents 

Monday ~ BBQ Pulled pork & Coleslaw

Tuesday ~ Tacos

Wednesday ~ Chicken marinated in Italian dressing baked potatoe veggie & salad.

Thursday ~ Spagetti 

Friday ~ New Recipe (Just have to decide what) 

 Saturday ~ BBQ Chicken (sides to be determined) 

 What's on your meal plan this week? I would love to hear some new ideas! 

My goal lately has been 1 - 2 new recipes a week!