Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Learning to Can... Thanks to Houseparty & Mom!

Learning to Can- "Discover You Can" by HouseParty.Com

Thanks to We were picked to host a "Discover You Can" Houseparty! They send me all the free goodies for myself & my guests!

So Mom & I did a practice run today of Strawberry Jam- (Practice for me, the first timer, not Mom who has canned thousands of different kinds of produce ect...)

If you are interested in having a houseparty check out their site... its all FREE and they don't sell anything!

 ~Step by step process of canning Strawberry Jam~

Our gift bags from Houseparty

Our awesome step by step guide from Houseparty for our "Discover You Can" party! 

Getting ready for our practice run...

Mashing the berries!

Cooking them down..

Adding the pectin
Time for lids
Time for the waterbath cooking process...

Our finished product ~ Strawberry Jam