Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Lorax Puppet

Dr. Suess' birthday is fast approaching so I thought it would be a perfect opportunity to create a fun Dr. Suess themed craft for my niece! I found this fantastic post with 100 Dr. Suess activities/crafts/projects and even recipes! I took some time searching for a great toddler activity! I found this fantastic Lorax Puppet craft and I knew it would be perfect! I would love to try a few more from that list! There are so many great ones for kids of all ages! 

Miss M and I gathered our supplies (she loves opening the craft closet and collecting her supplies) and got started! This is a great craft but I can't take the credit for it! You can check out the original post from the First Class Teacher here

She was smiling normal and our dog Ginger walked over and M looked at her with this funny look!
Kind of like what are you doing??? 

Showing off her Lorax! 

Have you made any Dr. Suess crafts with your kiddos? Feel free to share!


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