Sunday, February 10, 2013

A Simple Valentine's Day Craft.

I don't know about the weather where you live but our weekend weather was fantastic! Lately it has been cold, cold, and more cold! Our weather this weekend was in the higher 40's. YAY! The sunshine was much needed. I had the window open today just to let in some fresh air. It was a spring cleaning kind of day. 

 Valentine's day is fast approaching, and whether you do a big celebration or something simple, or even nothing at all. It is still Valentine's Day! Our niece M, was coming over for a "playdate" this weekend so I am always searching for a fun Valentine's Day craft or project to make with her. I just happened to see a great simple project on a friend's Facebook page this past week. It was an adorable little project with only a few items needed! 

Finger paints and paper! 

 M was excited to make this project until I told her it involved finger paint. She looked at me with concern, and says "I can't put that on my hands." She is such a cutie, she doesn't like to have anything on her skin that doesn't belong there, paint, rice krispies, dirt etc... So I showed her a picture of what we were going to make then she was all for it. She did look a little concerned again when I told her we would put her foot in the paint as well. After we finished the project she called her handprint her bone hand. Love the things these kiddos come up with. 

Mixing colors. 

Have you and your kiddos done any super cute projects lately? 
Anything fun for Valentine's Day? 

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