Sunday, October 23, 2011

Better than free Olay Spa Gift Set Caddy thru Walmart after rebate


Here is a great freebie, Olay Spa Gift Set Caddy thru Walmart free after rebate!

If you haven't already "Endorsed" Walmart for your 10% cash back, do that here.

 You can earn an extra 2% cash back if you shop thru Ebates go here first.

 Then you can shop & purchase your Olay Spa Gift Set Caddy for only $9.00 (free shipping too) and submit for the rebate in place of the Allure magazine. (Unless you want the magazine)

 One reader mentioned if you shop thru Discover, you can earn 5% cash back.

Remember to submit your rebate found here. The rebate is for $9.99 so $0.99 money maker plus your cash back if you choose to use it!

 If you aren't interested in the cash back but just want to shop for the gift set & rebate go here.

Let me know how this deal worked out for you!

*****UPDATE***** I received my rebate today in the mail for my purchase of the gift set! My rebate was for $9.99 and I only paid $9.00. Also I went thru ShopatHome when I placed the order online to get cash back on my purchase. I also went on and Endorsed Walmart before I ordered. So I received 10% cash back on my purchase and used my debit card that I earn cash back so all together my purchase breakdown is as follows:

Paid                                  $9.00
Received rebate for           $9.99
Endorse cashback 10%     $0.99
ShopAtHome Cashback    $0.45
Debit card cash back         $0.09
Total                                  $2.43 profit

Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Endorse cash back for your purchases!

Endorse is a cash back program through Facebook. To read all about the program check out the FAQ section here.

You "endorse" products & retailers on facebook first, mail in the receipts in a prepaid mailer, like netflix and get 10% cash back! Who doesn't love cash back?

I will be mailing in my first mailer this week with receipts! You have to mail your original receipt.

Sign up thru my link if you can, it helps me, then refer your friends to possibly earn your total purchase at that endorsement FREE!!

You can "Endorse" the Retailer and the specific product such as Charmin Toilet Paper

Many others such as Walmart




American Eagle


Walt Disney World (Yep 10% cash back for Disney world!)

Heinz Ketchup

HomeGoods Store


Dove Deoderant



If you have tried Endorse leave a comment here to let me know how it worked for you!

Thursday, October 13, 2011

Free Glasses (You pay shipping)

Another great freebie, Free Glasses, you pay shipping I found this info on another great blog The Frugal Girls.

To read more about the free glasses & what other people are saying go here.

Have you ever heard of HomeGoods?

There is a new HomeGoods store opening in our area, well, about an hour away but close enough for me! 

Over at TaterTots and Jello (another great DIY & decorating blog) they are giving away 2 $50.00 gift cards! How great is that? 

 Check out the giveaway here good luck!