Monday, January 30, 2012

And the winner is....

 The winner of my Jockey/Purex giveaway has been announced. Check out the post here. Congratulations & thank you all for entering. 

 You can also check out my most recent giveaway here.

Latest shopping trip!

This trip would have been $24.66 for everything but that paper towels (Target) and the Aquafresh (Giant Eagle) but after coupons everything was FREE plus Walmart paid me $0.18 cents in overage! I did pay sales tax of about $0.16 cents after the overage.

 Aquafresh at Giant Eagle $0.97 cents with $1.00 coupon = FREE
The paper towels were $0.99 at Target with a $1.00 off coupon = FREE

 Giant Eagle trip
Purina One Beyond 9 bags (had raincheck) were around $7.00 per bag regular price sale $5.00 coupon off each bag = FREE
Crest toothpaste on sale for $1.00 after doubled $0.50 coupon FREE
Dawn dish soap on sale for $1.00 after double $0.50 coupon FREE
 Bounty after Eoffer & coupon FREE
Panteen Shampoo & Conditioner after Eoffer & Coupon FREE

 Total savings on this trip about $83.03 YAY!

Working on my other recent shopping trips now! Will post soon!


Wednesday, January 11, 2012

What's in your mailbox today?

What did you get free today?

~ My free magazines ~

Free Lighting magazine & two bags of dog trees (I did pay $1.00 for the two bags from DoggyLoot.Com)

My free journal from Oprah's lifeclass, free sample of Bigelow tea & coupon, and a rebate from P & G from the Breast Cancer Awareness Rebate program. I just love the extra little freebie coupon holder/wallet by Cinda b so cute!

My free kit from

Leave a comment and let us know what you got this week.

DIY Kitchen Island project

I can't say I am great at DIY (Do it Yourself) projects but I will say I definitely can try. 

After moving into our home, with our big empty kitchen...

Don't mind the mess on the counter... it was a busy day for a big project! 

I knew I wanted a kitchen island when we moved in to our house (well before we even built it but lets just say money doesn't grow on trees :-)) but after calling around for estimates for finished cabinets between big stores like Lowes or kitchen cabinet outlets, I decided it was time to check into unfinished cabinets. We found cabinets at Lowes, unfinished and figured out exactly what I wanted to put in the cabinets then whether we needed drawers/doors ect. 

Then time to decide what finish. We have honey oak cabinets now but I knew I wanted something with contrast. My inspirations were this, this, and I loved Kraftmaid's Vintage Onyx so I did some research to see about a big DIY project! Thankfully, my hubby is very good at building just about anything, he just tells me to figure out exactly what I want first. 

So we brought the cabinets home & set everything pretty much where we wanted it. 

A little sanding, primer and 2 coats of paint now we are ready to do a little distressing!

 After distressing the edges and adding clear coat to all the doors, cabinets, trim & baseboard I did the same steps to the bead board for the ends of the island. 

 And now... the finished product...

Don't pay attention to the unfinished trim :-) That project is just about finished! 

Now time to sit back & enjoy my (think of my new project)  finished kitchen! Well, there is always something to finish (Light above the island, trim for the island ect...) But you know what I am talking about right?

 Have you done any DIY projects? Feel free to comment. 

Organizing.... just a start!

I recently found my new favorite blog IHeart Organizing & after looking at different ideas ect... I decided today is the day to tackle organizing my office/scrapbooking/craft/photography and (someday when I learn how to use my sewing machine) sewing room. Well, at least it was a perfect day to start :-) 

 When we built our home in 2009, I was thrilled to have a large office just for all my scrapbooking supplies. I had only had a tiny office before that so I had to make do with what I had. I had gotten a bunch of the plastic drawer organizers as a gift & put them to good use. But once we moved into our new home, I knew I wanted something different but wasn't quite sure what yet. So... long story short, I still have all my stuff in those plastic drawers. 

 Well, until I am exactly sure the layout I want, I decided to try an idea I found from another blogger, Simply Living had a great idea, to give these plastic drawers a face lift. 

 Let me tell you that I am always trying to get rid of clutter and keep things neat & simple. But with scrapbooking, I haven't learned that trick. The whole idea is to keep every memory, paper scrap, movie ticket ect... and add it to your albums. So I know I have too much paper/memories collected but if I am going to have too much stuff in any room of my house, this will be it! Now... the trick is to keep it all organized

After some organizing & rearranging.... 

~A closer view of the updated storage~

Not quite finished, all the bins still need labels but after a little face lift, the boring plastic drawers become a little more updated bins. They aren't perfect but until I am ready to buy all new bins & find exactly what I want, they will work great! 

Oh & did I mention.... I take ALOT of pictures so that is another big hurdle, organizing the photos & keeping them organized. As well as all the scrapbooks/albums. 

Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Hurry- Free 12 pack Green Mountain Coffee

Hurry, go here for a free 12 pack of Green Mountain Cafe Escapes on the Green Mountain Facebook page!

Hurry** Free Windex Electronics Wipes

The first 3,000 people to go here and sign up will receive free Windex Electronics Wipes from

Monday, January 9, 2012

Free pack of Huggies diapers

Seems like a great opportunity for anyone who has a baby in diaper age :-)

 Go here and upload a video of a squirming baby for a free pack of huggies diapers! Only one baby per video & you must be the babies parent or guardian!

 Found this on Hip 2 Save's site!

Diaper Deals :-) Good week for deals!

I try to do what I can to show my readers what they want to see, so here are some diaper deals as requested.

 For this week I am going to share with you deals from another blog, The Thrifty Couple has great weekly diaper deals!

 Check out their latest post on this week's deals here.

Winners Announced for Purex Triple Action giveaway.

 Thanks to all that entered my Purex Triple Action giveaway, the winners are:


Congratulations ~ 

Look for an email from me shortly, please respond within 48 hours. Thank you. 

Getting ready to post the winners for the Purex Triple Action Giveaway... stay tuned

 Stay tuned for the winners announcement...

Sunday, January 8, 2012

Menu Planning goal 2012

Menu planning is my resolution this year! I don't know about you but I find myself struggling to come up with something to cook after getting home from work at 5:10 or so. Thinking, what can I make quick and easy!

 Well, I have posted before about Freezer cooking ideas, which I love to have already made after a busy day. My goal is to have time set aside each week (hopefully Saturday or Sunday morning) to sit down & make a list of what I want to make for the week. I am going to start small & then build up to a monthly meal plan. Well, let me say a month worth of meals but basically something that can be switched out when you have plans that night, or date night ect...

 I have found some great inspiration on my new favorite blog Iheartorganizing  has the meal plan idea down to a science!

I also love the idea of keeping all of your recipe ideas in your household binder. (Another goal for 2012*)

Working on a post about different meal plan displays, calendars, binders & chalkboards! Coming soon...

  So what are your meal planning techniques?

Winner announced **** Jockey & Purex Giveaway Ends Jan. 16th, 2012

*****The winner is....

The winner has been emailed, please contact me within 48 hours to claim your prize. 

Congratulations! Thank you all for entering my giveaway!

Jockey Sports Bra & Purex Tropical Splash Crystals Giveaway 

You're probably wondering, why Jockey & Purex?

 Let me fill you in! 

 Purex Crystals fabric softener are 92 % natural crystals that are free free of oils that can harm your laundry such as your workout gear. Tropical Splash will be available in stores sometime soon but you can enter for a chance to win.

Safe to be used on:
Athletic Wear
Children's Sleepwear
& Everything else!

If you haven't tried Purex Crystals yet, now you will get a chance to win them! Details at the end of this post!

Jockey Tech Terry Performance Sports Bra
  I was thrilled to receive my Jockey sports bra to try out with my Purex Crystals! The sports bra was great, perfect for the New Years resolutions. It has a great moisture-wicking quality that helps keep you cool & dry. The best part about it, is the key pocket! How great is that? Also a soft bottom band for comfy support.

****One quick tip: If you are ordering the new Jockey sports bra, they run small so you definitely want to order the next size up!****

If you would love Jockey & would like a 20% off coupon you can go here and get a coupon for your next Jockey sports bra purchase.

Purex/Jockey have given a My Adventures in Treasure Hunting reader a chance to win a new Jockey Sports Bra & a bottle of Purex Tropical Splash Crystals! 

 There is one mandatory entry for this giveaway & 6 optional entries. 

~Mandatory entry~
**** Click HERE and check out the 20% off coupon for Jockey and comment on this post to let me know you did.**** 

~Optional entries~
(Please leave a comment on this post for each separate entry)

1. "Like" My Adventures in Treasure Hunting on Facebook

2. "Like" Purex on Facebook

3. Follow my blog "My Adventures In Treasure Hunting" on Google Friend Connect on the right side of my blog page

4. Share this giveaway on facebook. 

5. Refer a friend to my blog and leave a comment on this post to let me know you sent them.

6. Leave a comment to let me know what you would like to see on my blog, more deals/freebies/coupons ect... Any feedback is appreciated :-)

~This contest ends Monday January 16th, 2012~

**Jockey & Purex provided free samples of their products so I could write a review. However, all of the opinions expressed here are my own.

Friday, January 6, 2012

Winners announced**** Purex UltraPacks Review/Giveaway

The Winners are:




Thank you to everyone that entered. Winners have been contacted by email if information was available. Please contact me within 48 hours to receive your prize. Thank you. 
Everyone loves anything that saves time, even if it is just a couple extra seconds here & there. Purex has just released a great new product that will save a little time from our busy schedules! Well, I will try anything that saves a little extra time! As a Purex Insider I was given the opportunity to try the new UltraPacks. I tried them on a load of towels, love the fresh scent. I chose the Free & Clear version for my sample so there isn't a strong scent, just the smell of fresh laundry. I love the ease of just adding the packet. No measuring needed.

 No more mess, no more spills, no more heavy jugs. It's Laundry Simplified. 

 Purex Ultra Packs liquid laundry detergent are a new convenient pre-dosed pack that makes doing laundry easier than ever. 

 Each Purex pack contains powerful 2x concentrated liquid detergent, giving each UltraPack double the cleaning power in every drop. 

 Purex UltraPacks are formulated and safe for all machines including high-efficiency (HE)

For best results:
Dry your hands before handling the packs - water dissolves the film.

Put (1) pack in the washer before adding clothing (the more time they spend in the water, the faster they dissolve). For larger or heavily soiled loads, use an additional pack.

If you have a front loader, make sure to put the pack directly into the drum, not in the drawer.

*** If you would like more information about Purex Ultra Packs liquid laundry detergent please check out

 Now for the fun part... the giveaway!!

***To enter, just leave a comment and let me know how you would spend your time if you had an extra 5 minutes in your day.*** 

**"Purex provided a free sample of their UltraPacks laundry detergent so I could write a review. However all of the opinions expressed here are my own."

My latest shopping trip *285.00 saved*

Another great day of couponing today. Also thanks to Target's 90% off Christmas items sale, it was a great day for deals! 

 Lets get straight to the good part, the pictures! 

Giant Eagle/Walmart/Target mostly groceries. I saved $103.52 between weekly sale & coupons. I spent $56.55. 

These are the products that were totally free plus $0.03 overage at Walmart on the floss!

I found out about Giant Eagle's great customer service today. I picked up two Freschetta pizzas today & scanned them at the self checkout, they were $8.19 and to be on sale for $6.00 each. After the price came up $8.19, I asked the cashier and she ran back to check the price, only to find out they WERE on sale but it didn't ring up correctly. (This never happened to me before) The cashier tells me I get one free and the other at the sale price! So instead of paying $12.00 for 2 pizza's I got 2 for $6.00!

Now on to the after Christmas sale at Target. Have I mentioned that everything is 90% off? Can you tell I am excited about this? Anyways... Here are all the items I purchased that are specifically Christmas. For just this I saved $91.92 & spent $17.01. 

And... here is a picture showing everything including the car wash gift sets by Armour All that were originally $30.00 on sale for $8.00 plus if you use your Target red card they are an extra 5% off! 

For all of this I saved $185.34 & I spent $36.95. 

 Included in this picture is the cake stand I picked up at Walmart that was originally $15.88 on sale 50% off = $7.94. It can also be flipped over & used as a punch bowl! How great is that? 

Oh... and I forgot to add, I will also receive 2% ($2.00) cash back on my total purchases from Walmart, Target & Giant Eagle from Endorse! 

You can also check out my prior trips.

Have you scored any great deals lately? Any after Christmas sales or just great deals? Leave a comment here to tell us about it.