Sunday, November 4, 2012

Sunday Family Dinner & Apple Pies

Sunday Family Dinner & Apple Pie.

I wrote a little last week about how our family loves Sunday family dinner, well, I can't speak for the rest of the family but I love it. With 9 of us 'kids' all together plus spouses and my Gram on Mom's side & Gram & Pap on Dad's side, it is always a full house. Although we aren't all usually home at the same time anymore, there is usually a minimum of 15 of us at the 3 tables in Mom's diningroom. The summer sometimes tends to get a little busy and we don't get together as often as we would like to, but especially fall and winter. Spagetti is on the menu at Mom's house tonight so we will have all the usual salad, bread ect... 

 Since I was off the hook for making supper, I decided it is a great day to make pies! Let me remind you, I have only ever made maybe 3 pies in my lifetime so... I am always reading and researching before I start. Yes, I said researching how to make apple pie. It may sound funny to some but I like to know what I am doing before I start. The last two pies I made were a little different, I made The Pioneer Woman's Flat Apple Pie because I figured it would be perfect for my hubby to take in his lunch! 

 Today I tried a different approach & decided to go for a more traditional pie. I love The Pioneer Woman's Perfect Pie Crust. Now, again, I can't really say it's the best recipe ever when that is pretty much the only recipe I have ever used. As for now, I haven't used a bought pie crust, because I am a big believer of trying to make everything from scratch first and then if I need to save time later, then buy the pre-made stuff. Like I said, I am trying! 

I picked up the apples at a local apple farm. They sell other products as well but they grow all their own apples! I love having an apple farm so close to home. If you are local and haven't heard of Kistaco's, you can check out their website here. I also picked up some of their own Apple Cider for my sister this weekend. So, after 'researching' recipes ect... I decided on a recipe. Well, for me, I can't come up with a recipe on my own but I usually end up looking at two or three recipes and kind of mix and match a little from each. So, I used this and this

 I even tried to do a little lattice type crust on top. Again, be easy on me, I have never done this before. Now my new challenge is to make the filling a little thicker.

Feel free to share any tips. Do you have a favorite pie recipe? Feel free to share. If it's not a secret family recipe. 

So yummy.

My almost perfect pie. 

My pie making buddy. She lays on her bed and waits for crumbs. 


  1. Any time you make and share at family dinner-it's a treat! I didn't hear anyone complaining, that for sure. Love this time of year to try out new recipes. Good job!