Wednesday, January 11, 2012

DIY Kitchen Island project

I can't say I am great at DIY (Do it Yourself) projects but I will say I definitely can try. 

After moving into our home, with our big empty kitchen...

Don't mind the mess on the counter... it was a busy day for a big project! 

I knew I wanted a kitchen island when we moved in to our house (well before we even built it but lets just say money doesn't grow on trees :-)) but after calling around for estimates for finished cabinets between big stores like Lowes or kitchen cabinet outlets, I decided it was time to check into unfinished cabinets. We found cabinets at Lowes, unfinished and figured out exactly what I wanted to put in the cabinets then whether we needed drawers/doors ect. 

Then time to decide what finish. We have honey oak cabinets now but I knew I wanted something with contrast. My inspirations were this, this, and I loved Kraftmaid's Vintage Onyx so I did some research to see about a big DIY project! Thankfully, my hubby is very good at building just about anything, he just tells me to figure out exactly what I want first. 

So we brought the cabinets home & set everything pretty much where we wanted it. 

A little sanding, primer and 2 coats of paint now we are ready to do a little distressing!

 After distressing the edges and adding clear coat to all the doors, cabinets, trim & baseboard I did the same steps to the bead board for the ends of the island. 

 And now... the finished product...

Don't pay attention to the unfinished trim :-) That project is just about finished! 

Now time to sit back & enjoy my (think of my new project)  finished kitchen! Well, there is always something to finish (Light above the island, trim for the island ect...) But you know what I am talking about right?

 Have you done any DIY projects? Feel free to comment. 


  1. That looks really nice! I wish we had room for an island. My 8 foot dining room table pretty much eats up all the room. :) And isn't it great to have a handy husband?!

  2. Thank you! :-) Yes, it is great!

  3. Great job what did the cabinets cost? Where did you but them and the counter?