Friday, July 26, 2013

Fresh Picked Blueberries

Fresh picked blueberries are a great reminder of summer for me. Growing up on my parents farm, every summer we picked blueberries, and by picking blueberries that mostly meant eating blueberries! With about 10 blueberry bushes, there were plenty to go around. I stopped in at my parents yesterday to pick a few. I stood in one spot for no longer than 15 minutes and filled my container full! They are delicious, nothing better than fresh picked berries. 

 Now it's time to decide what to make, I am thinking blueberry cobbler.... YUM! 

 What is your favorite recipe with blueberries? 

Wednesday, July 24, 2013

4 Miles

The gorgeous view from Roaring Run trail today.
My sister and I took the bikes for a ride, what a gorgeous day! 60 degrees and sunny! 

Roaring Run has some gorgeous trails, this is one part of the trail that we usually choose. It is nice and level and it runs right along the river. Last summer we biked these trails a lot! My hubby even got me a pedometer for my bike after I was obsessed with figuring out how far we had gone on the trail. It's the little things! :-) 

 If you are from the area and want to check out this trails you can do so here. 

My Mother In Law gave me this Hydrangea the summer before she passed, about 6 years ago. It only bloomed the year she gave it to me and one year in between now and then. I treasure it! This summer, I am thrilled that is blooming like crazy! 

Do you have any favorite local trails? Local to you or local to me!  Please share! 

Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Soaking Up Some Sun

Enjoying the day at camp! 

Just a few pictures while G lays out and enjoys the sunshine! I had to include the last pic of the tree we planted about 6 years ago from the Arbor Day. It was only about a foot and a half tall when we planted it! So exciting to see it grow! 

A Little Bit of Summer...