Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Valentine Surprise

In our house we celebrate everything, holidays big and small, anniversaries, accomplishments etc... Today is 9 years since our first date! Time truly flies when you are having fun! Any newlyweds out there or even couples that have been married several years, just enjoy every moment! As we were growing up our parents always showed us that everything in life has it's importance but your marriage is one of the top priorities. Make time for the fun stuff, date night once a week or every other, whenever you can! Everyone has a different lifestyle and different schedules but we always aim for a date night out (or in, cozy date nights at home are great too) every week! And I always try to do simple fun things just to surprise my hubby!

 Anyways, I am not trying to tell anyone a certain way but just throwing this out there, enjoy every bit and make time for the fun stuff! 

 So back to the Valentine Surprise! Like I said we celebrate everything but it doesn't necessarily have to be in a big way! For our "anniversary" and Valentines Day for my hubby I made heart shaped pink rice krispies treats. How sweet right? So simple! I have found a ton of super sweet and simple things on Pinterest to do, now my next goal is actually doing them! :-) One down, about 10 to go! 

You can find the recipe and instructions here. 

Do you have any fun Valentine ideas for your spouse? 



  1. What a fun treat! Great idea for a hard to buy for guy. :)

  2. Thanks! Yes, I thought so too! :-)