Monday, January 7, 2013

Farm Fresh Childhood Memories & Green Eggs.

Many of my childhood memories involve chickens and eggs. It may sound funny but growing up on a farm, there were always new animals and many of them were chickens. My parents love animals and always started big, not small. After buying their first small farm they bought not one, but two horses. They started raising rabbits and again had not one but sixty rabbits. So with the chickens, they wouldn't have it any other way... They ordered 100 peeps. Different breeds such as Araucana and Rhode Island Reds. We taught the peeps to drink from their water bowl and one of my daily chores was to pick the eggs and feed the chickens. As you could imagine, 100 chickens = a lot of eggs. Once the peeps grew and started laying eggs, we would get up to 100 eggs on a daily basis. 

Today, I had a quick flashback from my childhood when I stopped at the local Market and picked up a dozen farm fresh eggs. As I have mentioned this market before and how I love the idea of keeping it local and supporting our local farmers, so this market is my first weekly grocery stop. Oh and I am not just talking about your usual brown eggs, but green/blue ones too! Don't worry they aren't rotten eggs or anything from Green Eggs & Ham, they are probably from an Araucana hen.  

You can really see the color in the picture but they are a light greenish blue. Love it. 

I picked up some avocados to try a new Giada recipe for Chocolate Avocado Mousse, More details on that later, and some fresh spinach for smoothies. 

I also picked up a jar of Lisa's Apricot preserves to try a new Pampered Chef Apricot chicken recipe. 

Beef roast and carrots and celery from our Sunday family dinner in my new Rachael Ray dish.

My other new Rachael Ray dish with plain old mashed potatoes!

Have you ever eaten green eggs? Or even seen them at the store? 

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