Friday, August 3, 2012

IHeart Mason Jars

Just had to share my exciting find today! 

 Lately Pinterest has been filled with Mason jar ideas! From lanterns, lights and misc. decorations! So many ideas

 I have a few blue Mason jars & was on the hunt for more! Pioneer Woman also has been loving Mason jars lately! They work great and look great for everything! 

Well check out this beauty I found today.... 
An extra large Blue Mason jar! 

Now the question is, what should I do with all of them? I am starting quite a collection! I have a few on my china cabinet as you can see, and a few on my kitchen cupboards. I use small ones for spices ect... 

 What do you do with Mason jars? 


Have you done any canning this year? Have you ever canned before? I had my first real canning experience, as an adult, last year

 Growing up my parents canned every summer, I remember some of it but basically I am clueless. So with our garden producing more than ever this year, we have more veggies to put away!

A few veggies we picked this past week. 

I figured now is the time to learn. 

I picked up a packet of Bread & Butter fridge pickle mix to start! So I could just mix it up & keep some in the fridge, they keep up to 3 months according to the instructions! Using our own cucumbers & onions! 

 Quick and easy, and we loved the results! 

If you don't have the opportunity to grow your own veggies, another great way to enjoy the fresh veggies is through your local farmers markets. 

Fresh local produce is the way to go if you ask me, helping keep our local farmers in business & helping your family eat healthier at the same time! 

If you are from Western Pa. and you would like to find a local farm/farmers market, you can check out Freedom Farms in Butler Pa. and their newly opened The Market at New Ken. The farm is owned by the King Family of Butler & you can even see the King Family on GAC starting this September! A little fame for a small town farm!  The brothers were recently featured in a local magazine, Edible Allegheny all about local food, farms & cuisine.