Monday, October 1, 2012

October 1st = Birthday Celebrations!

The first of October is usually a perfect day to celebrate fall and did I mention... my birthday! A perfect sunny day for the start of this lovely month of fall! Pumpkins, changing leaves and lots of fall cooking/baking. One meal that really makes me think of fall is Chilli. So with my awesome new Dutch Oven my awesome hubby got me for my birthday, the Chilli was simmering and the house smelled yummy! 

Lately after reading The Pioneer Woman Cooks & Dinner A Love Story, my favorite new cookbooks & food blogs, I have been wanting a dutch oven! 

So I was pretty excited about this awesome gift! 

Here it is...

The start of the Chilli! 

Ginger soaking up the sun on this gorgeous day! 

 Do you have a dutch oven? What's your favorite thing to cook in it? 

I need some new ideas so feel free to share! 

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