Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Cloudy day... comfort food ideas?

Hello to my readers,

 Today is a sort of cloudy day and that makes me hungry for comfort food! I am still trying to get in to the swing of making a meal plan each week. Let me just say, I am not doing very well at it yet! 

 As I try to think of great ways to save money, get great deals & other freebies, one of the best places to save money is your grocery bill! Well, for me, if I have my meals planned out & my grocery list goes with my meal plan, I save a great amount. But, as I said, I am trying to get back in the swing of doing it that way! 

 So, this weekend is my time to get my list figured out, plan ahead & shop ahead! 

 My first question to my readers... 

 What about you guys? Do you plan your meals ahead? Any good ideas for simple, quick week night meals?


  1. Since the Philly Cooking Creme House Party, I have found lots of great recipes that are not only quick and easy, but taste great too. Made the chicken veloute supreme soup tonight-awesome! Tell your friends to check out the recipes at the Philly site. www.cookphilly.com

  2. One - I love that you blog now.

    Two - I love ramen. And chicken noodle soup and tomato soup with grilled cheese. Mac & Cheese and hot dogs, also.

    I am so bad at planning ahead. We never seem to get stuff ready ahead of time!

  3. Brie.. you are too funny!! I'm with you Bonnie. I love soup too!!