Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Fresh Picked Today.

After a great lunch date with my Sister today, I just had to stop at Freedom Farms farm market and show my Mom the market. As I have mentioned before we are big supporters of the local farmer. This market has a great selection of pretty much everything you could want farm fresh. I had already stopped this week at the smaller Market that is closer to us, so I didn't need much. Just wanted to show Mom the market. 

I picked up some carrots that were picked fresh today! I used the carrots tonight with the Turkey Rolls I made for supper. They were yummy! I also cut some up for my hubby's lunch tomorrow. 

 We spoke with Dan King, from the Farm Kings tv show on GAC who is a part of the King family that runs this great market. The King family recently brought out the 2013 CSA program and offered it to their customers. I was curious about how the program works and Dan was happy to explain it. 

 Basically you buy your "share" in the farm from one of two packages. They give you a card like a credit card with your store credit for the next 6 months, you can redeem your weekly credit at any of their locations, Freedom Farms, The Market at New Ken or their local farmers markets at a discount. They will have the CSA member price and a regular price. Sort of like a VIP discount. This program sounds great to me! 

You can sign up until May 30, 2013. 

Becoming a Freedom Farms CSA Member Means:

1. Supporting your local farmer & local agriculture

2. Reducing the distance between you and your food,
cutting down on carbon emissions and energy waste

3. Improving your personal health by eating the most fresh,
local, and nutritious food available

4. Keeping local money in the local economy

5. Saving money while increasing the value of what you’re bringing home

6. Exclusive members-only discounts and events throughout the season

7. Access to an unparalleled variety of products including baked goods,
local meats, eggs, fruits, vegetables, & more, at no extra cost

8. Having the freedom to choose!

 You can check out more information on the program here. 

 Have you ever participated in a CSA before? I would love to hear your thoughts. 

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