Friday, November 9, 2012

Organization Day 2.

I have been trying to work on getting myself and my house a little more organized. I have found that with the help of Money Saving Mom's recent organization series and IHeart Organizing's everything haha, I am trying each week to find new things to organize and complete. 

 My projects from yesterday were my recipe binder and my coupon binder. Today I finished organizing the pile of paperwork/mail on the counter. You know the one that for some reason seems to appear every day and multiply within the hour? Ya, that pile. Well, this past week I reorganized my awesome Thirty One Organizing Utility Tote that sits on the end of the counter or under the counter in the cupboard, so today I sorted all the papers ect... and filed them accordingly. It feels great to have another thing checked off my list and everything a little neater. I found this great idea from IHeart Organizing a while ago and I love it. I love that I can just carry my bag of bills/papers/calculator ect... to my office or wherever I need it and it looks super cute on the counter or wherever. I would love to create our corner kitchen command center in the empty spot in our diningroom (open to our kitchen) sometime soon, now I have to decide how exactly I want it and find the right furniture/pieces for the spot! I would love to find a great thrift store piece and DIY something great. We will see. For now, it's just the end of counter clutter. 

 Do you have a similar system for the daily mail clutter or something different? Feel free to share.  

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