Saturday, November 24, 2012

Christmas Lights

As I mentioned yesterday, we put up our Christmas lights this week on the front of the house. YAY. I have to be honest and say that we isn't really the right word to describe who put up the lights. I am the one who really wants to put the lights on the house so I thought I would get out on the porch roof to help put the lights up on the roof and up the peak in the middle. 

It seemed like a good idea even though last year ended the same way but as I am trying to stand on the ladder on the porch roof to climb up onto the roof, my legs may have been a little shaky, and I decided it just wasn't going to be possible. We had to call for backup haha. So my father in law had to help my hubby finish the lights! 

 So we (my hubby, father in law and I) got the lights up! 

G perfectly cozy inside waiting for us! 

 Now I feel like I am ready to watch a little Christmas Vacation or Home Alone! Two of my favorite Christmas movies. What are your favorites?

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