Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Farm Kings at Freedom Farms


Freedom Farms Fall Festival. 

A perfect fall day for a little meet and greet with the King Family from GAC's The Farm Kings from Butler Pa.  
Inside the market, a little bit of everything.
Eat local, eat fresh!  

The market, with some of Lisa's flowers and you can see "The Boss" Joe talking to a fan! 

Of course I had to meet the family & get autograph's from the family... Tim King. 

Joe King

Lights, Camera, Action! 
I even got to meet Lisa (The mother of the Farm Kings) and even chat with her! After watching the Farm Kings episode where Lisa shows her daughter how she measures without a measuring cup & by remember recipes, I had to tell Lisa how my Mom is the same way and I am more like Lisa's daughter! I have to measure & follow a recipe! 

Dan King
Dan preparing food for the guests.

The King family had a busy day at the festival and they were all working hard to keep up with the customers in between taking pictures & signing T-shirts! 

So many yummy goodies at the market, I picked up some Pumpkin Gobs, and Apple Cider! Along with a few freebies!


If you are local and you want to find the market nearest you, check out the 
Freedom Farm's website here. 

Several Locations include. 

 Freedom Farms Market, Butler Pa

The Market at New Ken, Pa

Boldy's Bakery, Butler Pa

Did you make it to the festival? Did you meet the King Family? 

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