Monday, June 4, 2012

So excited...

For June 5th, the release date of the new cookbook Dinner A Love Story 
by Jenny Rosenstrach.

I stumbled on this blog a while ago just searching some new recipes! This girl has kept a dairy of every recipe she made/wanted to make for the past 14 years! How awesome! I love the stories she tells with every recipe! I was so excited to see she had a cookbook but... it wasn't released yet! So I searched around on her blog & read a bunch of different stories/recipes & all about her main goal or idea of having everyone sit around the table at dinner together everyone night!

This is something we always did in our family growing up. Everyone in our family had to be at the table for supper every night. (Unless there happened to be a day when we weren't all in the house or away at an event ect...) Another thing our parents instilled in us was telling about our daily Hi & Low Points. Yep, every night we went around the table & everyone told their hi point for the day & their low point. It was a fun way to recap our day but still giving everyone a chance to talk. If you have ever sat around the Cousins' family dinner table, you know that you really have to try for a chance to talk! Being that there were usually about 11-14 of us at every meal. Now with our family, my hubby & I always stick to the idea of having dinner at the table together daily, whether it is a home cooked meal, frozen meal or takeout. 

 Anyways, back to this cookbook, Dinner A Love Story comes out tomorrow (June 5th) but you can preorder it today! I ordered my copy on Amazon last week! If you want a little sneak peek, check out this "trailer" of the new cookbook.

One more thing I had to add, I love this post about getting out of your dinner rut or no ideas for meal plans! Jenny spells it all out for her friend who has already tackled the biggest challenge, getting her family to sit down for dinner together every night.

 So what is everyone having for dinner this week??


  1. Looking forward to sharing your new cookbook! Thanks for the reminder about how nice that sit down family dinner is!