Friday, January 6, 2012

My latest shopping trip *285.00 saved*

Another great day of couponing today. Also thanks to Target's 90% off Christmas items sale, it was a great day for deals! 

 Lets get straight to the good part, the pictures! 

Giant Eagle/Walmart/Target mostly groceries. I saved $103.52 between weekly sale & coupons. I spent $56.55. 

These are the products that were totally free plus $0.03 overage at Walmart on the floss!

I found out about Giant Eagle's great customer service today. I picked up two Freschetta pizzas today & scanned them at the self checkout, they were $8.19 and to be on sale for $6.00 each. After the price came up $8.19, I asked the cashier and she ran back to check the price, only to find out they WERE on sale but it didn't ring up correctly. (This never happened to me before) The cashier tells me I get one free and the other at the sale price! So instead of paying $12.00 for 2 pizza's I got 2 for $6.00!

Now on to the after Christmas sale at Target. Have I mentioned that everything is 90% off? Can you tell I am excited about this? Anyways... Here are all the items I purchased that are specifically Christmas. For just this I saved $91.92 & spent $17.01. 

And... here is a picture showing everything including the car wash gift sets by Armour All that were originally $30.00 on sale for $8.00 plus if you use your Target red card they are an extra 5% off! 

For all of this I saved $185.34 & I spent $36.95. 

 Included in this picture is the cake stand I picked up at Walmart that was originally $15.88 on sale 50% off = $7.94. It can also be flipped over & used as a punch bowl! How great is that? 

Oh... and I forgot to add, I will also receive 2% ($2.00) cash back on my total purchases from Walmart, Target & Giant Eagle from Endorse! 

You can also check out my prior trips.

Have you scored any great deals lately? Any after Christmas sales or just great deals? Leave a comment here to tell us about it.

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