Tuesday, March 5, 2013

High & Low Point & Family Dinners.

Family dinner is something that we sometimes don't hear a lot anymore. Too busy, not enough time to cook or plan, everyone running in ten directions throughout the day. Family dinners were always important in our home growing up! I have mentioned before about how no matter what activities we were all involved in during the day/week, our parents made sure we were all at the dinner table every night. It may not have always been a fancy gourmet meal but it was good home cooked dinner! :-) Maybe it was brownie stew, grilled chicken or Mom's spaghetti, either way it was a time in the day that we could all talk and reflect on the days events. 

 I am not even sure how it started but my Dad & Mom came up with a fun and quick (usually) way to recap the day for each person (usually about 8 of us if not more) around the table. Our high & low points. Usually Dad picked the person who would share first and around the table we went... and you couldn't use the same thing as the person before you! We loved it. Especially with a family as big as ours, all the time sometimes there may have been as many as 4 conversations going on at the same time. So this was the perfect time for everyone to have their own chance to share! Do you do this too? 

 Although it's just my hubby and I, we still carry on the "family" dinners. We eat together at the table every almost every night. I have been slowly trying to continue the family dinner tradition with our Sunday family dinners between both sides of our families! Usually at my parents there can be anywhere from 10 to 15 of us at Mom's 3 dining room tables! 

 Recently I stumbled on a post from Six Sisters Stuff (a fantastic blog that I have been following and I am waiting patiently for their new cookbook) and I felt as if I was reading my own words! How fantastic, another group of women and their families that also realize the importance of family dinners! Many of us struggle with the thought of what to make for dinner, and meal planning is sometimes a life saver for that! I have slowly been getting the hang of it! Whether you are making a fresh home cooked meal or something you cooked on the last freezer cooking day, it is still a meal at home with your family! 

 Ready to start having more family dinners? If you haven't checked out Six Sister's Stuff yet, now is your chance. Join in with us for the 4 x 4 family dinner challenge and enjoy a family dinner 4 nights a week each week for 4 weeks here.

I would love to hear about what your family does for dinners, do you eat at the table together a certain number of nights per week? Do you have a Sunday family dinner? Please share! 

 If you decide to join in the 4x4 Family Dinner Challenge, stop back and let me know how it's going for you! I would love to hear! 



  1. Family dinners are so important and your kids grow up way too fast! It may take a little effort, but it is SOOO worth it! It's the perfect time to connect with each other!
    -Mother of the Six Sisters