Friday, December 16, 2011

Have you signed up for Endorse yet?

If you haven't, check out my last post about Endorse to find out more and get signed up, you can see my last post here.

 My first check was $72.89 after mailing my receipts in a pre-paid envelope from Endorse. I have mailed in several other "mailers" since November but they typically take about 20 days to process the mailers at Endorse. So be patient but it is worth the wait! 

 I just received an email from my second & third mailer stating they are processed and I have now earned another check for $53.43! For a total of $126.32! Perfect for Christmas shopping or a nice night out with my hubby right? :-)

 Let me also say that Endorse is FREE, it doesn't cost anything to sign up nor does it cost anything to mail your receipts!  The check from Endorse is from Wells Fargo & you will receive a check once you earn $25.00 in cash back!

 I love sharing freebies & deals with my friends & readers and this is by far the best deal I have been able to share yet! So please, share this with your friends! 

 Here are some of my endorsements if you would like to join me! 


Herbal Essences

A1 Marinades

Heinz Sauces

Tombstone Pizza


Kraft Singles

Cool Whip

Crocs Kids

Children's Place


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