Sunday, December 2, 2012

Sunday Family Dinners and A Fruit Project.

Our Sunday family dinner this week consists of a Pampered Chef Open House. Tis the season for busy schedules and a lot of parties so this week we won't have our usual family dinner. Like I said before, it seems to be a biweekly event or close to it, especially the busier times of the year. December is a busier time usually so anyways, this weekend the guys are hunting (usually) and the girls are cooking/baking. 

My Mom is a Pampered Chef consultant and loves to cook and bake. It is a perfect fit for her. I love the idea of keeping it quick and simple (especially weeknights) just to be sure the family can be together at the dinner table each night. The big one is always make a meatloaf in the microwave in about 20 minutes using the Deep Dish Baker. I love mine! Plus always trying to find quick and easy things that we can make on a busy day ect... At the Open House, we will all be trying dips and more, including this tasty Hot & Cheesy Bruschetta Dip

I will leave you with another simple "fruit project". 

 Apple Fish. 

I used...
Apple Slices
Yogurt (just to hold the eyes on) 

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