Saturday, December 8, 2012

17 Days & Burnt Cookies.

As I promised yesterday... 

 Burnt Cookies and the pizza delivery guy. You may be wondering why burnt cookies and the pizza delivery guy are mentioned in the same sentence. 

 Let me rewind a bit, growing up I would bake cookies at home with my Mom, Sister and sometimes both Grams. All of us together baking and talking gives me so many great memories, as well as some funny ones. 

One year we were baking and time gets away from you sometimes, so we ended up burning a bunch of the chocolate chip cookies. I don't remember them being completely black but I remember the bottoms were pretty burnt. I am not positive how old I was but I am guessing around 7 or maybe 8. 

 The pizza delivery guy comes to the door and my Dad jokingly says, give him all the burnt ones. Mom always gives all the delivery guys/girls a little gift around the holidays! Well, I took my Dad's advice, not knowing any better at that age. I gave the pizza guy the burnt cookies. 

 I am sure he just loved that little holiday surprise. 

Getting ready for some cookie baking! 

 Do you have any funny holiday baking stories? 

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  1. That is definitely when of my favorite funny memories of our holiday cookie baking! It seems like yesterday...where have all those years gone! Looking forward to working on those Damn Nutrolls with the girls today.