Monday, February 10, 2014

Introducing the Newest Member of Our Family...

Meet Charlie.

Charlie joined our family about a week ago. He has definitely put a smile on my face and made us laugh for the past week! Let me step back and fill you in...

 In September 2013 our furbaby of almost 14 years passed away. Ginger was a sweetheart and our house hasn't been the same without her. Until last Sunday, I couldn't imagine having any other dog. We have planned to get a puppy even a year before Ginger passed. We didn't want to disrupt Ginger's quiet home and she loved being the center of attention. So, last Saturday night, R shows me a picture online of this precious puppy! The sex of the puppies wasn't listed on the ad and we knew we wanted a male. So I, of course, said no way and that I am sure they were females. Step forward a day.... 

As soon as I woke up, something had changed in my mind and I knew this was our puppy! I told R, if the puppy was a boy... it was meant to be. Guess what?? It's a boy! 

 Skip all the boring parts... We picked Charlie up and took him directly to the pet store to pick out his new collar and some toys for his first day home! 

 Here is Charlie on his first day with his new family! Isn't he too cute??

Feel free to share any new puppy suggestions! 

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