Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Sunshine :-)

  Another sunny day today! We have had really amazing weather this winter for the most part, and I have tried to enjoy every bit of it. I would be happy with a little higher temps but 50 degrees in February, I will take it. 

 The past few weeks I have seen some inspiring photo organizing on some of my favorite blogs (IHeart Organizing being one of them) and of course that gives me motivation to get my photos organized! 

 After sorting for what seemed like hours & hours I have 'most' of my photos sorted by event & organized by date. Yay me! But of course, I ran out of room in my boxes! So, now I am on the hunt for the best type of photo storage. I am going to need several so I don't want something crazy expensive but my photos are my 'thing' so, I want them to be safe for photos, acid free ect...

 What do you use for your photos? Anything I should be checking into? 

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