Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Had to share my great Giant Eagle trip!

Do you shop at Giant Eagle? Well this week is a great week to start!  I took advantage of this Giant Eagle Deal 
and saved a ton with bonus fuelperk and $10.00 giftcards back after spending $30.00 on P&G products!
This is an awesome deal especially the fuelperks! Mom & I shopped there last week & after saving with sale price, coupons & eoffers we saved $133.88 and spent $144.73 but then we earned $1.50 extra fuelperks so 30 gallons x 1.50 = $45.00 savings plus with the giftcards back we save at least another $20.00!
 So all together spent $144.73 saved $198.80!
Also, notice on the link that you can sign up for Eoffers at home by clicking on (clip) and add the coupons right to your advantage card! You won't need the paper coupon! It is great! There are other services like that you can use, they are listed on that page also. They aren't specifically Giant Eagle though. Good luck!

 Again you can click here to see all of the great deals & coupon matchups with information on the fuelperks and the $10.00 giftcard deal. 

 Good luck & happy couponing!

 Let me know if you tried this deal & how you did!  

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