Thursday, September 13, 2012

10% to 100% Cash Back with Endorse!

Endorse ~ Earn up to 100% cash back!!!
Last year I shared with all of you, a fantastic program for cash back on all your purchases! Shortly after I shared the information, the program was put on hold and restructured until the recent launch of the all new Endorse

 You can sign up today to earn up to 100% cash back on your everyday purchases on things like paper towels, cereal & even ketchup! The new program is a little bit different now, you download the app on your Iphone or Android phone or device and all you do is click the item you purchased, take a picture of the receipt (within 7 days of your purchase) and upload it. It is that simple!

The items change weekly so you always have a chance to earn for different items, just be sure to get those receipts uploaded within 7 days! 

 I have already earned $3.00 cash back within in a day & two receipts! How exciting is it do get free spending money on simple grocery/household items you already buy! 

Have you tried Endorse? What do you think of the new program? 

You can download the app & sign up by clicking here.   

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