Sunday, October 23, 2011

Better than free Olay Spa Gift Set Caddy thru Walmart after rebate


Here is a great freebie, Olay Spa Gift Set Caddy thru Walmart free after rebate!

If you haven't already "Endorsed" Walmart for your 10% cash back, do that here.

 You can earn an extra 2% cash back if you shop thru Ebates go here first.

 Then you can shop & purchase your Olay Spa Gift Set Caddy for only $9.00 (free shipping too) and submit for the rebate in place of the Allure magazine. (Unless you want the magazine)

 One reader mentioned if you shop thru Discover, you can earn 5% cash back.

Remember to submit your rebate found here. The rebate is for $9.99 so $0.99 money maker plus your cash back if you choose to use it!

 If you aren't interested in the cash back but just want to shop for the gift set & rebate go here.

Let me know how this deal worked out for you!

*****UPDATE***** I received my rebate today in the mail for my purchase of the gift set! My rebate was for $9.99 and I only paid $9.00. Also I went thru ShopatHome when I placed the order online to get cash back on my purchase. I also went on and Endorsed Walmart before I ordered. So I received 10% cash back on my purchase and used my debit card that I earn cash back so all together my purchase breakdown is as follows:

Paid                                  $9.00
Received rebate for           $9.99
Endorse cashback 10%     $0.99
ShopAtHome Cashback    $0.45
Debit card cash back         $0.09
Total                                  $2.43 profit

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